Copper fittings used as inexpensive CATV connector

This is a way to use common THREADED copper fittings and a UHF
barrel connector to function as a inexpensive connector for
commonly available CATV cable.

The barrel connector is soldered into the copper fitting.

Above pix: Identification of the CATV cable used.

- Points of interest -

  • The copper fitting is made to fit "pipe thread" of 1/2 inch.
  • The CATV cable is exposed, allowing for the proper fit (measure it!), so that the threads of the copper fitting mate well with the cable, and so that the center conductor cable mates properly into the UHF barrel connector.
  • The UHF barrel connector must be soldered to the copper adapter as the FIRST STEP.
  • Use conductive grease on the threaded portion of the copper adapter!
  • Tighten to "just about right." (Go easy; Make it snug...)
  • Mike Schwendeman, K0JTA