Ham Antennas!


The following pictures show the 38 foot mast construction.

- The base is a 4x4 treated wood pole that is 20 feet long

- The 4x4 is planted into the ground 4 feet deep

- The mast metal portion is a series of three EMT pipes, telescoped by one foot, and bolted in place

- The EMT tubing is attached to a LARGE hinge, to allow an easy tilt-over feature

- I also installed two GIN POLE assemblies to each mast, to keep the mast from bending under varying side-loads

- The metal tilt-over assembly is VERY sturdy, but the WOOD was a lot more flexible than I had expected

- To combat the wood's BENDING, I used 2 inch EMT tubing that is 13 feet long, as a result of welding an extension to the stock ten foot length

- I placed the bottom end of the BRACE on a piece of wood that is pinned in place, so that it will not slide

- The 13 foot EMT pipe allows me to reposition the brace as needed.

- These next pictures show the steps involved with setting up the masts

- The 4x4 wood is placed in a 4 foot hole

- The wood will extend 16 feet above the ground

- The EMT tubing assemblies (as seen above) are placed on the hinge

- The hinge has a U-bolt that helps keep it in place

- The mast is ROTATED into position, and bolted in lace

- The HOLES are to be pre-drilled before the wood mast and hinge is erected

- Once the EMT tubing is in place, it is easy to pull it up with a short rope or chain

- Once the mast is vertical, a WASHER and BOLT holds the bottom end against the 4x4

George (K0ZBI) was my much-appreciated helper for this phase of the project.

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