This is a collection pictures that describe a RELAY BOX that allows remote selection and also provides remote GROUNDING of antennas..

- The relays are controlled by a USB connection

- The container is a plastic storage container

- The USB relay board is available on eBay, as an example

- The USB relay board has eight relays, but models with two and four relays are available

- The program that controls the relays is available from the eBay vendor

- The USB-Board's small relays control the larger 30 Amp, 12 Volt DC relays

- When all is powered down, the antennas are GROUNDED.

- When an antenna is NOT SELECTED, it is GROUNDED

- A good quality 4:1 current balun feeds the selected antenna's 450 Ohm feed-line

- Both antennas are fed with 450 Ohm window line, which is attached to the stubs at the top of the plastic box

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